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We craft beautifully results-oriented marketing and digital campaigns

Digital Media

Evolving at a pace unprecedented in history, digital and multimedia assets are the dominant medium organizations use today to connect with customers, constituents, employees, and the public.

Emerging Touchpoints!

We can make this highly effective and targeted medium work for your business.
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Brand Development

Our branding process includes logo design, brand guidelines, and suggestions for implementation – everything necessary to present your organization new image.

We have solutions!

Creating brand identity programs is where we thrive. (Read more should click through to service page, brand development)
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Market Research

Allegra bridges the gap between consumer research insight, brand strategy, innovation, and design. We help organizations come into powerful alignment with their actual value in the marketplace.

Data and Analytics!

Our research work empowers clients and campaigns to engage with new and existing customers, for ongoing competitive success.
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Social Media

Our team develops original social media content following brand guidelines, including unique messaging, call to actions, tagging and innovative posting styles.

Scheduling insights!

Implementing proven strategies so you content will be posted at the optimal time when and where your audience live and interact.
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Community Outreach

We believe in uplifting and supporting local communities. Our outreach strategies range from conducting face-to-face surveys in the field, virtual events, tabling at events, and stakeholder engagement.

Community Engagement!

We deliver the right target audience to the right projects and programs. (Read more should click through to A Community
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Creative Design

Allegra has been in the creative design and digital marketing space since 1997. Our team of experts develop amazing graphic design, brand identity programs, outreach materials and information graphics.


Allegra excels in graphic design, illustrations, page layouts, reports and digital media.
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Allegra is powered by people that possess as wide an array of expertise and skills as they do drive for active, creative and positive change.  When taking on projects and campaigns, we approach them through a process. We are most proud of our diversity in background and team members, expertise, and public sector industries. 


Communication creates clarity. At Allegra, where brands evolve, our relationships are partnerships, with a common goal of directing success through well-planned and well-executed strategies.

Alignment and EXECUTION

Organization and planning is the key to operating efficiently and achieving deadlines in a results-driven environment. Allegra utilizes a variety of tools to achieve goals and enhance transparency.

Analytics and PERFORMANCE

Everything we touch has
implications – whether cost savings, improving engagement, ROI, or reaching the right target audience within a deadline. We live and thrive by these considerations.

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Branding for Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), CA

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City of Montebello, CA

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For many organizations wishing to tackle an important project, starting can be the hardest part. If a project is big or complicated it can seem overwhelming or intimidating — connect with the experts today and allow our team to move your project forward!

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Latest Awards

American Advertising Award
Change & Save Website
Best Public Sector Micro Website
Hermes Creative Awards
County of Los Angeles Public Health Department
Secondhand Smoke Campaign, Print Media
Hermes Creative Awards
County of Los Angeles Public Health Department
Breath of Fresh Air Social Media Campaign
Hermes Creative Awards
West Basin Municipal Water District
Change & Save Integrated Media Program
Hermes Creative Awards
City of Azusa
Historic Preservation Program, Brand Identity
Hermes Creative Awards
Los Angeles Community Development Commission
SMART Funding, Best Direct Mail Program
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