Strategic Plan to Address Public School Enrollment

Pasadena Unified School District

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2022 – 2023
Pasadena Unified School District Superintendent's Enrollment Committee
Facilitated a series of committee meetings to determine how to stabilize PUSD’s Enrollment. During the engagement, we conducted outreach that led to the development of the 2022 School Experience Survey, Analyzed schools with low enrollment and their challenges, and assessed the neighboring school districts. During December 2022, Allegra’s team presented a Strategic Plan to Stabilize and Increase Enrollment. Since our team has been involved, PUSD’s Enrollment has increased, and the administration has placed Enrollment as a priority within their five-year strategic plan. As a result of community stakeholder meetings, our team created a strategic plan to address enrollment issues afflicting our communities.

Pasadena Unified School Disctrict Redistricting

Pasadena Unified School Disctrict Enrollment

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